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Save With A Preventative Maintenance Plan

With proper air conditioner and furnace maintenance you can avoid costly heating and cooling system repairs. When you join our Preventative Maintenance Plan you can save up to 20% on your furnace and air conditioner tune-ups. A complete system tune-up includes a professional cleaning, system adjustments and safety checks to ensure your furnace and air conditioning systems are running at peak efficiency and functioning in a reliable, cost-effective manner.


  1. Slow down your electric meter. Utility research proves that furnace and air conditioning maintenance will Cut Utility Expenses.
  2. Small problems left untended will become big problems later, with maintenance, you Prevent Breakdowns.
  3. Mechanical systems last longer with maintenance. Service your comfort system to Extend Equipment Life.
  4. Is your home comfortable on the hottest and coldest days or do you sweat or freeze it out? Maintenance Restores Lost Capacity.
  5. When your comfort system is tuned-up, you know it's ready for the season and you can stop worrying about breakdowns. You get Peace of Mind.
Customer Testimonial

Dear Kevin, I had my furnaces inspected by the City Inspector this week, he was so impressed by the work you did. It is "beautiful". I just want to say how much I appreciate you Kevin and your helpers. Thanks again, Helen

Helen - Farmington Hills, Michigan